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Feedback From the Front Lines

In the fall of 2022, Spartan Medical – the exclusive distributor of Siren Survival Wraps - donated 700 Siren blankets to Ukraine. Siren blankets are designed for in-field environments where electricity and forced-air heating are unreliable or unavailable, such as in most parts of war-torn Ukraine. We were pleased to receive feedback that the Siren blankets are keeping Ukrainian warriors warm on the front lines, and the Ukrainians prefer Siren Survival Wraps over similar blankets.

We are humbled to support the people of Ukraine during such dangerous time, and are thrilled that Siren Survival Wraps kept them warm amidst harsh and cold conditions. Here is what these folks had to say:

“These thermal blankets are solid and durable. It’s gotten very cold now. Our boys are clearly freezing. These dense, thick blankets help us a lot. We thank you so much!"

“The thermal blanket is a wonderful thing. Better than regular foil. The quality is very good.”
“We should only be using these.” 

Other uses for Siren Survival Wraps include: 

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts 

  • Homeless populations 

  • Ambulance transport 

  • Military emergency transport

  • Military medical field tents

  • Natural disaster relief

  • Displaced populations 

The US Military National Stock Number (NSN) for Siren Survival Blankets is 6515017060973.

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